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Looking for a change from the usual veg or non-veg menu? Looking for yet another change in the usual cuisine mode, say in Indian, Chinese or American? Then look no further as we have it all for you here in a single casing on www.pachakam.com, all within a simple mouse click away.

We, pachakam.com consider it our privilege to provide you with a compilation of over 12000 recipes contributed by users from all over the world. We indeed provide you with a quick and easy access to scores of recipes that you had been seeking in the wide web world…from our own Grandma’s secret recipes to ultra-tech fusion based ones, from festive ones to the most easiest bachelor kinds, from the daily used recipes to the most recently innovated ones by experts. All laid down in the most simplest of ways. We hope this journey to the wonderful world of cooking turns out to be really informational and leaves you all ecstatic.

About us, we form a dedicated group who crafted this site after a close monitor of the food related sites on the internet from user perceptions. And we believe we’ve succeeded to put an end to the continuous frustration of searching sites for long hours for a particular desired recipe and the subsequent disappointment on not being able to find a decent homemade one. Here, you can easily access all varieties of homemade recipes of your choice…recipes that have been tested and tried by the authors themselves. A simple and an easy solution for good cooking at home.

Since this site contains recipes that are posted by visitors themselves, we request you to contribute your cooking ideas too. Post your recipes here and share your culinary skills with the whole food world. Or, add us (pachakam.com) to your favorites now and exploit our delectable recipes to generate remarkable and memorable experiences with your “experiments” in the kitchen.

Apart from serving you to share your recipes with others, we provide many other services too. By using our assured and prompt shopping services, you can send gifts to your loved ones in Kerala and thereby express your love to them, though from miles afar. You can also make safe and secure investments in the booming real estate arena in Kerala through our Real estate services. Do check out our other services too provided in Tourism, Catering, etc and enjoy them to the maximum.

You can even pen your thoughts in our food blogs and discussion forums. Visitors can create their own forums online too. So, do sign up now to start contributing to this site with your invaluable recipes and suggestions thereby helping us to make your dishes and our site more exciting and entertaining for one and all.

For any queries, clarifications based on our site content or/and suggestions, feel free to drop us a mail anytime at [email protected]. Help us serve you better in the most efficient way!!!

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