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Kovakka Chammanthi is an inseparable favorite in Indian Cuisine. These are special and delicious chutney dishes in myriad flavorings with various ingredients. Here is an exceptional chutney that goes perfect not only with boiled rice but tastes very good with dosas and idli as well. We, the people of India generally prepare a lot of dry and gravy based delicious dishes with Kovakka or Tindora. Kovakka Chammanthi made with Kovakka or tindora is a unique and special dish rich with the nutty flavor of peanuts. So I decided to share this recipe with a hope that it will be of great help to everyone. Ivy gourd or Kovakka is a nutrient packed vegetable that grows plenty in our backyard. Almost all houses have Ivy Gourd cultivation in their land. The versatile vegetable can be cooked in a variety of dishes. Tindora Chutney is an easy to prepare dish. The spiciness of the chillies, the tanginess from the tamarind and the amazing flavor of the peanuts and tindora, makes the dish simply exquisite.

Ivy gourd or Kovakka is rich in beta-carotene that ensures smooth and optimal functioning of heart muscles and prevents heart diseases. Ivy Gourd stabilizes the sugar metabolism within your body by improving glucose production. Therefore it is an excellent vegetable for diabetic patients. Ivy gourd has also been utilized as a medicine to cure Bronchitis, Asthma and Jaundice.  You can treat Tindora Chutney as an innovative dish that is exceptionally healthy and nutritious. Both kids and elders love the chutney dish. For kids you can reduce the chillies to make it mild. Include Kovakka Chhammanthi in your menu table making sure that your family is relishing something healthy and nutritious. You can explore a well detailed recipe here that can be easily prepared at home. Enjoy the unique and simple dish with your family.

Kovakka Chammanthi | Tindora Chutney – itscurry.com

Kovakka Chhammanthi

Prep Time 30 mins
Total Time 30 mins
Cuisine Kerala
Servings 2 People



  • Clean, wash and cut the Kovakka (Ivy gourd) into small pieces and keep them aside.
    Kovakka Chammanthi | Tindora Chutney – itscurry.com
  • Heat Oil in a Frying Pan/Cheenachatti and transfer the Kovakka pieces into the hot oIl and stir it well. When colour of the kovakka pieces turn into golden color, take the pieces out from the frying pan/cheenachatti and keep it separately.
    Kovakka Chammanthi | Tindora Chutney – itscurry.com
  • Then add the peanuts and black gram into the remaining hot oil and stir it well.
    Kovakka Chammanthi | Tindora Chutney – itscurry.com
  • After about 2 - 3 minutes, add grated coconut, green and red chilli, bengal gram dhal, coriander leaves, cumin seeds, garlic and tamarind. Stir the mix well.
    Kovakka Chammanthi | Tindora Chutney – itscurry.com
  • When colour of these ingredients turn into golden/brown, put off the stove and allow to cool them for some time.
    Kovakka Chammanthi | Tindora Chutney – itscurry.com
  • Grind the fried/roasted Kovakka pieces along with the roasted black gram dhal, bengal gram dhal, peanuts, coconut, green and red chilli, coriander leaves, cumin seeds, tamarind and garlic along with required quantity of salt and water. (If the water is used very less, the Chammanthi can be stored for 2 - 3 days).
    Kovakka Chammanthi | Tindora Chutney – itscurry.com
  • Kovakka(Ivy Gourd) Chutney is ready. This Chammanthi can be served with Idly/Dosa/Poori/Chappathi/boiled rice etc.
    Kovakka Chammanthi | Tindora Chutney – itscurry.com


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